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Ueno Daibutsu in Tokyo

Holden Wood Antiques in Lancashire, England

St. Stephen’s Church was originally constructed in 1867 at Crowtrees, just over a mile from the present site of the building. However, during the start of the 20th century, the population of the surrounding valley slowly decreased. This was due in large part to the Bury and District Water Board, as they began purchasing farms, houses, and mills in preparation for the Grane reservoirs. This effectively depopulated the area. Soon, attendance at the church began to decline until the entire congregation was no more.
Ueno Daibutsu in Tokyo

Culver Battery in Isle of Wight, England

The southern coast of Britain has long been stocked with a wide array of military defenses, in response to the various nations that have threatened invasion from across the channel. This pair of abandoned coastal defense guns is one of them. Set in the gorgeous Culver Down, these now-abandoned sites were finished in 1906. They were put to use when the First World War broke out, as they were well-positioned to defend the torpedo boats anchored nearby.