Mobius Arch in Lone Pine, California

The Mobius Arch is a twisted stone portal and natural frame for Mount Whitney nestled in the Alabama Hills. Through its lens, the High Sierra mountain range, nearby stone formations, and sky present new facets waiting to be exposed amid the bright morning sun or under the glow of the night stars. 

The arch spans nearly seven feet and is known as one of the more recognizable arches in the region. Its name derives from its surface only containing one side and one boundary. The loop and surrounding landscape is a popular filming location, as classics such as, The Lone Ranger were filmed nearby. The Mobius Arch Trail is a relatively gentle hike that journeys toward the arch. 

Along the trails around the arch, visitors are treated to a beautiful, unobstructed view of the region, while hidden nooks and crannies abound reveal various perspectives. A small network of trails guides hikers through the foreign landscape of weathered metamorphic rocks.

This desolate landscape is also home to the Lathe Arch, the Eye of Alabama, Whitney Portal Arch, Heart Arch, Boot Arch, Cyclops Arch, and many other unnamed geological marvels. The area’s rounded perforated stones have a somewhat haunted quality. Low light pollution also makes the arch a spectacular place to visit at night for a photoshoot.